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Web Design, Web Development, PR Campaigns
Milius Group

Milius Group - Construction Client Lead Generation and PR Campaign

Client Overview: Milius Group, a leading construction firm, approached our agency seeking comprehensive support in lead generation, public relations, and digital presence enhancement. The company desired to increase its market reach, secure high-value contracts, and establish a robust online presence to attract potential clients.

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Challenges Faced:

Limited market visibility and brand recognition.

Ineffective lead generation strategies.

Lack of a cohesive online presence.

Limited success in securing high-value contracts.

Our Approach:

Strategic Website Development: Created a corporate-toned website that showcased Milius Group’s expertise, projects, and values. Ensured user-friendly navigation and a responsive design for optimal viewing on various devices.

Lead Generation Strategy: Conducted thorough market research to identify potential clients and target demographics. Utilised SEO
techniques to improve the website’s search engine rankings. Implemented a strategic content marketing plan to attract and engage the target audience.

Public Relations Campaign: Developed a comprehensive PR campaign to enhance Milius Group’s industry reputation. Secured media
placements, interviews, and features in relevant publications. Leveraged thought leadership content to position Milius Group as an industry authority.

Social Media Management: Established and maintained an active presence on key social media platforms. Shared engaging content,
project updates, and industry insights to build a community. Utilised targeted advertising to reach potential clients and stakeholders.

Results Achieved:

Increased Website Traffic: Achieved a 50% increase in website traffic within the first six months. Improved the website’s conversion rate through strategic call-to-action placements.

Enhanced Brand Visibility:
Secured prominent features in industry publications, leading to a 40% increase in brand visibility. Developed a positive online reputation through proactive reputation management.

 Successful Lead Generation:
Implemented effective lead generation strategies, resulting in a 60% increase in qualified leads. Leveraged content marketing to establish Milius Group as an industry thought leader.

Secured High-Value Contracts:
Successfully secured two contracts, showcasing a significant improvement in contract acquisition.

Social Media Growth:
Grew Milius Group’s social media following by 70% across all platforms. Engaged the audience with interactive content, resulting in increased brand loyalty.

Igniting innovation through visionary design and strategic brilliance.

Igniting innovation through visionary design and strategic brilliance.


Our integrated approach to lead generation, public relations, website development, and social media management has proven highly successful for Milius Group. The tangible improvements in website traffic, brand visibility, lead generation, and contract acquisition underline the effectiveness of our strategic initiatives. By combining traditional PR efforts with modern digital marketing strategies, we’ve helped Milius Group achieve remarkable growth in a competitive construction industry landscape.